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Control Master 6.0

It provides manual control for all of the outputs
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It is supplied free with any purchase of a board from the Control Master range. It consists of two parts. The first is a “ready to run” Windows application that allows the user to access all of the facilities on all of the connected boards. It provides manual control for all of the outputs whatever type they are (simple digital, relay, motor speed and direction etc..) and a display of the current state of the inputs (digital, analogue etc…).
The second is a DLL function library to provide the programmer with an easy to use interface to all of Control Master facilities. The DLL provides functions which allow the programmer to ignore all of the complexities of USB communications and RS485 serial communications and just specify what they want a particular output to do on a specific board as well as read the current state of any input on any board. All software is compatible with Windows XP and Vista.


Review summary


  • Useful tools for manual control


  • It is only available with the hardware
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